About The Artist
My name is Christine Lee Wickel and I am a retired teacher turned Alcohol Ink artist! The colorful floral abstract paintings you will find on this website are inspired by my surroundings in Southwest Florida. My style emanates from my ability to discern concrete forms in abstract settings. This phenomenon is called Pareidolia. Seeing an elephant in the clouds is an example.

I developed my passion for painting through my art minor at Longwood University and continued to take art courses and workshops throughout my life. Since its introduction in 2016, Alcohol Inks have been used primarily as a crafters material creating cards and holiday ornaments. Since 2018 these inks have slowly gained popularity and are emerging as a serious fine art medium.

I am passionate about working with these vibrant, unpredictable inks as they inspire me to “think out of the box". Please take some time to explore my site and contact me with any questions. I hope you enjoy!